A.J. Markam – Ex-Superheroes

Hes an ex-superhero on a mission to save the world…and get hot chicks.

Its the end of the 21st century, and Hunter McNeil is your average, ordinary, ex-Army Ranger with superpowers. Hes serving time unjustly in a Supermax for supervillains when a botched prison break puts him in the crosshairs of an Army general who runs the Super-Powered Combatants Corp.

Turns out a coordinated strike has put supervillains in charge of every major city in the world, and Hunter is the United States only hope at restoring order.

And so Hunter sets out to do what he does best: kill supervillains. Save the world. And build a harem of smokin hot, super-powered women to help him.

Warning: This book contains violence, profanity, and mature content. It also contains a harem of hot women. You have been warned.

Author: A.J. Markam
Narrator: Tad Branson
Duration: 6 hours 57 minutes
Released: 19 Feb 2007
Publisher: Podium Publishing
Language: English

User Review:

screech scornful

So I have listened to a few harem books at this point. generally I find there either good or to much.
This book I’ll happily say is good. the action is fast and fun. for those it may bother the sex scenes in this are very graphic.
The world building isn’t to bad I think I can be improved on and developed further. I also am hoping the big bad of the series wont be what I think but we will see.

I am relieved that the main character hunter has a interesting power that is not something superman ish or another booster of some kind. well his power been seen in other fiction before I am not sure if as a main character and he uses it in flexible and creative ways.

over all In general I enjoyed the book. The only thing i hope is improved or added to different is the women. The two in this one are great dont get me wrong, they have there own personality ect. however both felt….lacking in combat as well as never really taking the lead. I know odd to complain about in a harem but now with some good books of this type under my belt. I have found the books are just as much about the women then the main character (or reverse in case of reverse harem).
I know nova is green when it comes to it so made sense for her and yukio street girl and did contribute easier but even still both lacked a bit.

It be weird if the suddenly improved but I’d like to seem them begin to OR the next girl be very skilled from the get go.