A.J. Markam – Gnome Place Like Home

Rampaging orc armies. Vicious bounty hunters. Hot lady robots.

Just another day in the life of Ian the Warlock and his succubus Alaria.

On the run from a goblin mob boss, Ian and Alaria travel to a distant land to kill her next ex-master – who just happens to be a gnome.

Like the other villains before him, this one plans to make SHORT work of our heroes! (Sorry, bad joke.)

In addition to saving themselves, our intrepid duo has to deal with a host of other problems – including steampunk war machines, female elf sex cults, and the end of the world.

Warning: This is a story featuring naked women, threesomes, kinky sex, demons, warlocks, violence, revenge, and moral quandaries.

Author: A.J. Markam
Narrator: Iggy Toma
Duration: 12 hrs
Released: 19 Dec 2002
Publisher: Podium Publishing
Language: English

User Review:

vertical geographical

Yet this series is an exception to the sterotype. Great story, great drama, character growth. Several levels of storytelling. Biggest critique is that the ‘Real Life’ side of the story has very little interaction with the plot.