A. N. Wilson – Betjeman

John Betjeman was by far the most popular poet of the 20th century. His collected poems sold over two million copies. Television audiences loved his quirky evocations of landscape and architecture. As Poet Laureate, he became a national icon, but behind the public man were doubts and demons. The poet led a tempestuous emotional life. For much of his 50-year marriage to Penelope Chetwode, the daughter of a field marshal, Betjeman had a relationship with Elizabeth Cavendish, the daughter of the Duke of Devonshire and lady in waiting to Princess Margaret. This book was written using the vast archive of personal material relating to Betjeman’s private life.
Author: A. N. Wilson
Narrator: Bill Wallis
Duration: 10 hours 31 minutes
Released: 7 May 2009
Publisher: Audible Studios
Language: English

User Review:

bard suspected

A. N. Wilson writes an elegant biography. My only complaint is that I wanted more information, and was disappointed upon reaching the end. Bill Wallis’ narration was equally good.