Adam Minter – Secondhand

When you drop a box of unwanted items off at the local thrift store, where do they go? Probably across the country – or even halfway across the world – to people and places eager to reuse what you dont want.

In Secondhand, Adam Minter delves into the vast, multibillion-dollar industry that resells used stuff around the world. He follows the trail of unwanted objects from the closets, garages, and storage units of Middle America to epic used-goods markets in Canada, Mexico, Japan, Ghana, India, Malaysia, and beyond. Secondhand takes us through the often painful and heartbreaking process of cleaning out a lifetimes worth of possessions and shows that used stuff still has a place in a world that values the new and shiny – it entertains us, makes fortunes, fulfills needs, and transforms the way we live and work.

Author: Adam Minter
Narrator: Daniel Henning
Duration: 10 hours 2 minutes
Released: 20 Apr 2002
Publisher: Dreamscape Media, LLC
Language: English

User Review:

highland mournful

This book is big, and the reason it’s big is because there’s a lot to say about this subject. You may decide to not change anything in your habits, but at least you’ll be making a conscious decision. This book talks about how a lot of other people make decisions for us on what we eat in a journalistic way that is not radical. Tells it like it is, backed up with research. I thank the writer for getting this book out there and the reader/producers for making it possible for me to get its contents during my commute.