Adyashanti – Guided Meditations

Essential Insights and Guidance to Deepen Your Meditation Practice

Beneath all our bustling thoughts and the distracting dramas of the world, an ever-present stillness beckons us to our true home. “Meditation is a tool for returning to our essential nature,” says Adyashanti. With Guided Meditations, this groundbreaking spiritual teacher offers four immersive audio sessions of meditations created to enrich your practice and help you become a more open, loving, and benevolent presence in the world. Join him as he presents:

Three foundational meditations for inner peace and stillness

Meditations for transforming volatile emotions and embodying the heart of compassion

“Evocation” practices for awakening to the divine ground of your being that is always present and available

The best attitude for meditation, myths about concentration and self-control, and expanding your practice into each moment

Guided Meditations is intended to be a constant companion that you return to time and again on your spiritual journey. “As we grow, our motivations for meditating evolve,” says Adyashanti. “Yet we can always become wiser, more loving, and more deeply connected to who we truly are.”

Author: Adyashanti
Narrator: Adyashanti
Duration: 4 hours 43 minutes
Released: 15 Jan 2010
Publisher: Sounds True
Language: English

User Review:

contraceptive ineffable

great audio book for meditation. If you want benifits from meditation but find it difficult to meditate try it you will like it