Aeham Ahmad, Emanuel Bergmann – translator – The Pianist from Syria

An astonishing but true account of a pianists escape from war-torn Syria to Germany offers a deeply personal perspective on the most devastating refugee crisis of this century.

Aeham Ahmad was born a second-generation refugee – the son of a blind violinist and carpenter who recognized Aeham’s talent and taught him how to play piano and love music from an early age.

When his grandparents and father were forced to flee Israel and seek refuge from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ravaging their home, Aehams family built a life in Yarmouk, an unofficial camp to more than 160,000 Palestinian refugees in Damascus. They raised a new generation in Syria while waiting for the conflict to be resolved so they could return to their homeland. Instead, another fight overtook their asylum. Their only haven was in music and in each other.

Forced to leave his family behind, Aeham sought out a safe place for them to call home and build a better life, taking solace in the indestructible bond between fathers and sons to keep moving forward. Heart-wrenching yet ultimately full of hope and told in a raw and poignant voice, The Pianist from Syria is a gripping portrait of one mans search for a peaceful life for his family and of a country being torn apart as the world watches in horror.

Author: Aeham Ahmad, Emanuel Bergmann – translator
Narrator: Nezar Alderazi
Duration: 10 hours 24 minutes
Released: 19 Dec 2002
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Language: English

User Review:

armor agrarian

what a thoroughly touching and heartbreaking true story. it is a true glimpse into the horrific events that are still going on to this day. married to a Syrian, this is truly frightening to imagine the horror and sadness that the people are going through.