Agatha Christie – The Murder on the Links (AmazonClassics Edition)

The unassailable Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot travels to northern France to investigate a millionaires cry for help. Unfortunately, he arrives a day too late. Paul Renauld is found on a golf course in a freshly dug, shallow grave. Stabbed to death, he is in possession of a cryptic love letter. Pitting his wits against the hostile Paris Sret, Poirot is looking into Renaulds past when another corpse surfaces on the same grounds – with wounds from the same murder weapon. But this time, the victim is a total stranger.

With his penchant for delving into the psychology of murder, the intuitive Poirot finds his footing in Christies second classic whodunit featuring the now iconic private detective.

Revised edition: Previously published as The Murder on the Links, this edition of The Murder on the Links (AmazonClassics Edition) includes editorial revisions.

Author: Agatha Christie
Narrator: Tim Bruce
Duration: 7 hours 37 minutes
Released: 19 Mar 2009
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Language: English

User Review:

wish weeping

Agatha Christie almost seemed mechanical in her writing. A place for everything and everything in its place. Wonderful stories, characters, plot lines, and drama.

The human element or free will of her characters would seem out of line. This is almost due to the main character Poirot. His foresight into the human psyche makes it impossible. Remember a place for everyone and everyone in their place.

Poirot has his little grey cells working the solution almost as soon as he reads the letter asking for help. All we need to do is read as the story is unraveled before us.

I don’t i just was not a part of this one.