Alan Russell – L.A. Woman

LAPD detective Michael Gideon and his K-9 partners try to outmaneuver not one but two serial killers, while investigating the suspicious death of a woman who belonged to a cult.

When a woman in Bel Air dies of a rattlesnake bite, the case doesnt seem to fit the usual purview of LAPDs Special Cases Unit. But Carrie Holder was no ordinary LA woman. She was a member of the city’s latest cult, the Church of the Gate, which counts Hollywood’s movers and shakers among its devotees.

Investigating the cult’s secrets takes Detective Michael Gideon, his German shepherd K-9 partner, Sirius, and pit bull rescue Emily across Los Angeles’s canyons, neighborhoods, and movie studio lots – but all the while, an even darker threat looms closer. The All-In Killer has left a trail of victims across the Southwest, but he’s no longer content to couch his threats in poker clues – the latest crime scene leaves no doubt that he’s coming for Gideon, and Sirius, too. With the FBI pressuring Gideon to visit Ellis Haines, aka the Weatherman, for insights on the case, can Gideon outwit not one but two serial killers?

Author: Alan Russell
Narrator: Jeff Cummings
Duration: 8 hours 30 minutes
Released: 19 Mar 2012
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Language: English

User Review:

bash instinctive

In Russells latest installment to the Gideon and Sirius series the books plot is very busy with three cases. Michael Gideon is also having problems with his love life.
This is the fifth book in this series and can be listened to as a stand alone. I would suggest listening to the series in order for continuity of character relationships.
The publishers summary gives more than enough information. I wont add to this because anything I can say would just be a spoiler.
The characters are likable and believable. Gideon has a dry sense of humor which sometimes gets in his way. The crimes are plausible. This is written so well that even with everything going on the story is easily followed.
The dogs are half of the story and are great characters as well. Gideon is also a very devoted dog owner. There is a happy ending for Gideon. I am just sorry to hear that there will only be one more book in this series.
Jeff Cummings is the perfect narrator for this book.
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