Alastair Jessiman – Boxer and Doberman

Here are all four episodes of the full-cast BBC Radio 7 comedy police drama written by Alastair Jessiman, originally broadcast in March 2009.

This is a gloriously gritty Scottish police series featuring the duo of the grizzled Detective Inspector Bob Boxer and his slightly less grizzled sidekick Detective Constable Shona Doberman. Join them in these four episodes as they probe an academic killing spree, investigate a link between the deaths in Glasgow and murders in an idyllic village, have their deepest childhood fears exploited by a sadistic adversary, and scrutinise a series of celebrity deaths. Taggart eat your heart out!

Starring Finlay Welsh as DI Bob Boxer and Anita Vettesse as DC Shona Doberman. Also with James Bryce, Ralph Riach, and Ann Scott-Jones.

WARNING: this recording contains strong language.

Author: Alastair Jessiman
Narrator: Finlay Welsh, Anita Vettesse
Duration: 1 hr and 54 minutes
Released: 10 Jan 2011
Publisher: BBC Worldwide Ltd
Language: English

User Review:

hall possible

The only complaint about this production is its brevity, as the Brits interpret Chandler’s 1940’s view of Southern California. Very good value when purchased during any of Audible’s many sales.