Alec Worley – The Watcher in the Rain

A Warhammer Horror audio drama.

On a world cut off from the Imperium, towering spires are lashed by endless rain. As citizens flee from the drowning city, a sadistic Imperial interrogator seeks a lowly data-drone with a terrible secret. But when disaster strikes, the pair must rely on each other for survival as the Watcher in the Rain awaits them.

Listen to it because: Hear a world in peril, with a magnificent soundscape acting as the backdrop to a thoroughly frightening tale of two enemies forced to work together against a darkness that will consume them both.

The story: In the far reaches of Imperial space, a ferocious warp storm approaches an Administratum world, cutting off the entire planet from the rest of the Imperium. As their towering grey spires are punished by endless rain, countless administrators, tithe-masters, and book-keepers are forced to evacuate. Among them is Greta, a lowly data-drone with a terrible secret, wanted for questioning by the sadistic Imperial interrogator Stefan Crucius. As disaster strikes and the pair are left stranded in the depths of the drowning city, captor and captive must cooperate to stand any chance of escaping. But a mysterious presence stalks them through the abandoned, flooded towers, a dread entity each must confront but which neither dare acknowledge, a Watcher in the Rain.

Written by Alec Worley. Running time 74 minutes. Performed by Matthew Hunt, Deeivya Meir, Melvin Rawlinson and Richard Reed.

Author: Alec Worley
Narrator: Matthew Hunt, Deeivya Meir, Melvin Rawlinson, Richard Reed, Toby Longworth, Andrew Wincott
Duration: 1 hr and 14 minutes
Released: 19 Sep 2011
Publisher: Black Library
Language: English

User Review:

representation enlightened

big ol heckin T W I S T at the end there. great book and the voices were phenomenal