Alex Goldfayn – Selling Boldly

If you’re in sales, fear has cost you millions of dollars, and this audiobook is for you.

Fear is the reason most salespeople don’t like to pick up the phone (salespeople average just four hours per week on the phone, and our job is to talk to humans!). Fear is the reason we don’t ask for the business more, even though our customers want to buy from us. Fear is the reason we don’t offer our customers additional products and services, even though they would love to buy more from us.

This audiobook deals with that fear. You will learn exactly how to overcome this destructive fear in sales and replace it with confidence, optimism, gratitude, joy, and proactive sales work. These are the powerful principles in the new field of positive psychology that are transforming how we work and succeed. Selling Boldly is the first audiobook that leverages positive psychology to help you sell more.

You’ll also learn a series of fast, simple sales-growth techniques – like how to add on to existing orders; how to close 20 percent more quotes and proposals instantly; and how to properly ask for and receive referrals – that will grow your sales…dramatically and quickly.

Author: Alex Goldfayn
Narrator: Shawn Compton
Duration: 6 hours 22 minutes
Released: 19 Dec 2002
Publisher: Gildan Media, LLC
Language: English

User Review:

brassiere lone

Performance is great, it was a pleasure to listen. The book itself us really helpful if you need to remember basic sales tips what most of us forget to do but doesn’t cost a penny to our company