Alexandra Horowitz – Our Dogs, Ourselves

The best-selling cognitive scientist and author of Inside of a Dog, Alexandra Horowitz, takes an eye-opening, informative, and wholly entertaining examination of the dog-human relationship and reflects on the culture of dogdom.

Youre so cute and so smart. And worth money! I could marry you, said a woman to her goldendoodle. Be nice! When you get tired, you get nasty, reminded the man to his rambunctious dog.

Alexandra Horowitz is intrigued by the various ways humans are changed by our relationship with dogs: When humans unconsciously made the decision to domesticate dogs, they were changing the course of our species development. And, too, when each person makes the decision to breed, own, or adopt a dog, we enter into a relationship that will change us. It changes the course of our days: Dogs need to be walked, fed, attended to. It can change the course of our lives: Dogs weave their way into our lives with their constant silent presence by our sides. It has changed, too, the course of our species.

In Our Dogs, Ourselves, Horowitz examines whats called the dog-human bond: examining all aspects of the complexity of this unique interspecies pairing. From her position as a dog scientist, she uses the science of dogs and dog-human interaction to ground a consideration of the various ways that dogs, as a species, reflect us, and how they reflect (sometimes badly, sometimes well) on us. And she goes beyond the cognitive science to consider the culture, laws, and human dynamics that reveal and restrict this bond between two disparate species.

Much of what we accept as the way to live with dogs is odd, surprising, contradictory, revelatory, and sometimes disturbing. This audiobook gets inside and explains the nuances of the dog-human connection, both on an individual basis and societally. The result: We are made conscious about dogs as never before.

Author: Alexandra Horowitz
Narrator: Alexandra Horowitz
Duration: 8 hrs
Released: 19 Mar 2009
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Language: English

User Review:

slaver biblical

Author reads as well as she writes. Splendidly. The content is thought provoking, sometimes uncomfortably so.