Allen Carr – Quit Smoking Boot Camp

Short of time? Or have you stopped smoking and found it hard to stay stopped?

If so, then this is the audiobook for you.

Quit Smoking Boot Camp is a revolutionary and concise version of the Easyway method, delivered in short, dramatic chunks to help you quit smoking and transform your life in the easiest way possible. Just follow all the instructions. It’s recommended that you listen to this book over four days – start on a Tuesday, finish on a Friday – and it’s divided into four bite-size sections to help you do so. Change your mind-set overnight, and stop smoking immediately and painlessly.

Author: Allen Carr
Narrator: Richard Mitchley
Duration: 6 hours 34 minutes
Released: 19 Sep 2001
Publisher: Arcturus Digital Limited
Language: English

User Review:

pacer eminent

Fantastic book, the best of the 3 or 4 I’ve read. The authors really fully understand the issue and the addict and provide the perfect advice for anyone who smokes.