Amanda Brooke – The Widows Club

Theres a murderer in their midst….

In response to unprecedented media interest, we confirm that the murder victim was a member of our group. We will not be commenting further.

When April joins a support group for young widows, shes looking for answers after her husbands sudden death. What she finds instead is a group in turmoil.

Set up by well-meaning amateurs, the founders are tussling for control of the group, and everyones on edge. Added to that, secret relationships springing up between members and another new member, Nick, seems more than a little bit shady….

But the most dangerous secret of all? Not all members are who they seem to be. And theyll go to any lengths to hide the truth….

Author: Amanda Brooke
Narrator: Chloe Massey
Duration: 9 hours 56 minutes
Released: 20 Sep 2001
Publisher: HarperCollins
Language: English

User Review:

absence distraught

I read reviews of this book on Goodreads since there werent any available on Audible yet. I believe some complained that the slow build was boring, but I was entertained. A slow build is better than a rushed ending to me.

The focus of the book begins mostly with the perspective of one character, but does change to others later on. I had no issues at all with the storyline. The narrator was great, but I do think she could have used inflection to better express the various characters emotions. I hate overacting but this narrator needed a little more at times. I really did not figure out everything that was going on until almost the end. The storyline was well developed and very interesting. I will look for more by this author.