Andrew Hunter Murray – The Last Day

A world half in darkness. A secret she must bring to light.

2059. The world has stopped turning.

One half suffers an endless frozen night; the other, nothing but burning sun.

Only in a slim twilit region can life survive.

In an isolationist Britain, Ellen Hopper receives a letter from a dying man.

It contains a powerful and dangerous secret.

One that those in power will kill to conceal….

The Last Day: an utterly original debut thriller, perfect for listeners who loved Robert Harris’ Fatherland, Emily St. John Mandels Station 11 and The Wall by John Lanchester.

Author: Andrew Hunter Murray
Narrator: Gemma Whelan
Duration: 12 hours 1 min
Released: 20 Jun 2002
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Language: English

User Review:

pass onstage

I loved the first book in this series – it has a great gross-out factor tempered with a lot of humor, and a dead-pan delivery (ha ha) that reminds me of Ray Romano (love him).

The second book is much darker, dramatically ups the gross-out factor, and has way less humor. Plus, it introduces vampires, which feel very out of place in this story, and I had a hard time reconciling it. I don’t think I’ll continue with the series; I wish I’d stopped at book 1. (Still read book 1 – it’s an awesome ride!)