Andrew Weil MD – Natural Health, Natural Medicine

Natural Health, Natural Medicine is a comprehensive resource for everything you need to know to maintain optimum health and treat common ailments. This landmark book incorporates Dr. Weil’s landmark theories of preventative health maintainence and alternative healing in one extremely useful reference guide, featuring general diet and nutrition information, as well as simple recipes, answers to listeners’ most pressing questions, a catalog of home remedies, invaluable resources, and hundreds of practical tips.

Also included are up-to-the-minute scientific findings and trustworthy advice about low-carb diets, hormone replacement therapy, Alzheimer’s disease, attention deficit disorder, reflux disease, autism, type 2 diabetes, erectile dysfunction, the flu, and much more.

Author: Andrew Weil MD
Narrator: Jesse Boggs
Duration: 15 hours 9 minutes
Released: 11 Dec 2004
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Language: English

User Review:

seafood defective

I also have the paperback version to use for reference. An invaluable resource. Easy to read and understand. A repeater for sure.