Andy Clark – Fist of the Imperium

A Space Marine Conquests novel.

Sent to avenge the deaths of his brothers and purge a dangerous cult, Imperial Fists Primaris Librarian Aster Lydorran finds a foe beyond imagining on Ghyre. Lydorran must use all his strength, will and psychic might to defeat his hidden enemies and avert catastrophe.

Listen to it because:

Discover the dedication of the Imperial Fists and the lengths to which they will go to do their duty and defend mankind.

The story:

By their noble sacrifice is our world made mighty.

Deep within the Segmentum Solar, an Imperial Fists Honour Guard lies slaughtered upon the very world they swore to protect. The mysterious cult responsible grows in power by the day. Their malevolent tenets poisoning the hearts of Ghyres citizens, from its lowliest miner to its arrogant ruling class. To purge this threat, the Imperial Fists send Primaris Librarian Aster Lydorran and his tenacious brothers.

These masters of siegecraft face an insurgent foe beyond any they have fought before. As dark omens proliferate, Lydorran finds himself embroiled in a battle of wits and wills with an enemy whose psychic might may surpass even his own. But this is a patient enemy, and with every passing hour, Ghyres doom grows closer. The stoic Sons of Dorn must leave their walls and embrace new allies, or risk unleashing the apocalypse itself upon the very doorstep of Terra.

Author: Andy Clark
Narrator: Richard Reed
Duration: 10 hours 20 minutes
Released: 20 Jan 2002
Publisher: Black Library
Language: English

User Review:

protection living-room

A really nice look into when a IF gets flat footed by an unconventional enemy.And a good look into a rare form of psycker, a geomancer!