Angalia Bianca, Linda Beckstrom, Kevin Gates – foreword, Dreka Gates – foreword – In Deep

Before Angalia Bianca became one of Chicago’s foremost authorities on violence interruption and prevention, receiving international recognition and a Resolution for Bravery from the City of Chicago, she was a criminal, a master manipulator, and a brilliant con artist. Bianca spent 12 years in prison for forgery, embezzlement, drug dealing, and theft. But now she has gone far beyond the expectations for recovery to a life of service fueled by an unrelenting determination to make a difference.

Bianca was once a gang member; now she puts her life on the line to interrupt gang violence. For 36 years she was a heroin addict; now she mentors people in recovery. She was homeless; now she appears as an invited guest to speak at events across the country and around the world. Bianca crawled out of the deepest hole imaginable; now through her work with the renowned violence prevention group Cure Violence, she climbs back down to change lives.

In Deep is a blunt, honest look at Bianca’s life. Her mind-blowing stories take listeners deep into a world of grit and gang violence that seems inescapable. Her story is at once fascinating, terrifying, and ultimately full of hope.

Author: Angalia Bianca, Linda Beckstrom, Kevin Gates – foreword, Dreka Gates – foreword
Narrator: Christina Delaine
Duration: 10 hours 40 minutes
Released: 18 Feb 2010
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English

User Review:

tailgate polluted

I appreciate the grit. I know so many of us can relate to some aspect of this story and be moved to action in the area of every day help to those in need.