Anna Hanns, Michael Lobb, Bobby Bobzie – Garth Brooks: A Rockview Audiobiography

Garth Brooks is the undisputed king of country rock, and dedication and sheer hard work has earned him superstardom. Garth has a unique relationship with his army of dedicated fans, and he fully acknowledges that they put him at the top of the music business.

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In this exclusive audiobiog, we hear what makes Garth so appealing as he discusses his song writing – including the inspiration for ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’ – family life, and the rigours of touring, as well as how he survives in the music business and his special relationship with his fans. A deeply revealing audiobiog for fans, music collectors, and music historians.

Author: Anna Hanns, Michael Lobb, Bobby Bobzie
Narrator: Rockview
Duration: 24 minutes
Released: 10 Aug 2007
Publisher: Rockview
Language: English

User Review:

runner interesting

Matt lived an exciting life and has great commentary on music. If you love MTV, alternative and rock music and can sit and talk to someone about albums and music for hours, this is the book for you.