Anna Thompson – Self-Empowerment Guided Self Hypnosis

This “self-empowerment” guided self-hypnosis program was designed to assist the listener in gaining a positive, confident sense of self, enhancing relationship and communication skills, gaining an increased ability to listen to and trust the self, gaining healthy internal and external boundaries, and saying no when needed. The hypnosis induction features isochronic tones, which are a form of brainwave entrainment to help achieve deeper relaxation. Also included within this program is an extended affirmations track, a meditation track (partly guided, with ancient Solfeggio frequencies), and as an extra bonus, an exciting and powerful drum journey and bodywork track.

Using an alternate induction, hypnotic drum beats, and posthypnotic suggestions related to mind integration, this drum journey is designed to get the listener out of their brain and back into their body. Many find this useful for releasing energy blocks, healing and integrating the mind, body, and spirit.

This audiobook is written and narrated by Anna Thompson, MA, MHP, LMHC, advanced clinical hypnotherapist. For more information about Anna Thompson, please visit Life is short, live it well.

Author: Anna Thompson
Narrator: Anna Thompson
Duration: 3 hours 38 minutes
Released: 15 Apr 2011
Publisher: Anna Thompson
Language: English

User Review:

listener retiring

I have a few of these 8 hour sleep cycle. The first one I own is for deep relaxation and stress relief. That one seems to work for me. Some of the music is a bit strange in a few of the later chapters. I wish it was a little more gentle. I think the strange music is suppose to help with deeper relaxation? But it just wakes me up. Maybe change up some of the supposedly relaxing wonky music?

The 8 hour Sleep Cycle with Stop Sugar Cravings is missing the part where it talks about stopping the desire for sweets. It sounds just like the first one I bought on relaxation and stress. It took me awhile to realize that chapters are being repeated. It must be an editing mistake. If you fix it and replace it, I can give you a better review on this one.

Overall these sleep hypnosis Audible books seem to be helping me a little with my insomnia. I don’t know yet about weight loss. I will write again, in a few months, if it works for me.