Anne MacKeigan – Customer Service: The Sandler Way

Your customer service plan is only as strong as its weakest link.

What would a social media revolt, based on a single mishandled customer exchange, cost your company? This book’s 48 rules for strategic customer care give you the guidelines you need to make intelligent strategic investments in customer care, based on the world-famous Sandler Selling System. Customer Service: The Sandler Way helps you and create and sustain a working culture built on the belief that the customer not only matters, but is the only reason your organization exists.

Author: Anne MacKeigan
Narrator: Sean Pratt
Duration: 3 hours 56 minutes
Released: 18 Jan 2011
Publisher: Gildan Media
Language: English

User Review:

exponent ridiculous

This Audible audiobook was packed with lots of gray information for a person just starting. It is crammed with lots of helpful hints. It is well written and easy to listen to and understand. Thanks for such good work, Tom Purtzer