Anne McCaffrey – Dragondrums

When the voice of Piemur, an apprentice at Harper Hall, changes, he has to leave the companionship of Master Shonagar behind. But his disappointment is soon replaced by a new challenge. He is to enter the service of the Master Harper himself as a rider of dragons. Soon, he embarks on a dangerous mission to the Southern Hold. The future of Pern hangs on his success.
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Narrator: Sally Darling
Duration: 9 hours 2 minutes
Released: 7 Dec 2007
Publisher: Recorded Books
Language: English

User Review:

sporophyte unlike

This book follows Piemur. You first meet him in the first two Harper Hall books with Menolly. He is Menolly’s first friend in the Harper Hall. This picks up after the first two books. Piemur has a beautiful Soprano voice as a young man, but his voice begins to crack as he begins to go through the change to becoming a man. This makes everything change for him at the Harper Hall.

He is so unsure of what will happen to him in the Harper Hall once he loses his voice. The Masterharper takes him and has him become one of his apprentices, but in secret. Piemur is a good boy, but he does get into trouble. He also is bright and clever. This makes him a great asset to the Harper Hall, but in ways that others can not know.

He becomes a drum apprentice, but while there he is treated really poorly and ends up pretty badly hurt after a fall caused by others. He ends up in the Southern Continent with a fire lizard queen that he impresses. He has gotten himself into a bit of trouble, but he is smart and he survives. This is a good story and I can’t help but like Piemur who has a big heart. This Harper Hall trilogy is such a marvelous addition to the Dragonriders of Pern series. They were and still are my favorites.