Ant Middleton – The Fear Bubble

The brilliant, inspirational next book by the author of the incredible number one best seller First Man In.

Without fear, there’s no challenge. Without challenge, there’s no growth. Without growth, there’s no life.

Ant Middleton is no stranger to fear: as a point man in the Special Forces, he confronted fear on a daily basis, never knowing what lay behind the next corner or the next closed door. In prison, he was thrust into the unknown, cut off from friends and family, isolated with thoughts of failure and dread for his future. And at the top of Everest, in desperate, life-threatening conditions, he was forced to face up to his greatest fear, of leaving his children and wife without a father and husband.

But fear is not his enemy. It is the energy that propels him. Thanks to the revolutionary concept of the ‘Fear Bubble’, Ant has learned to harness the power of fear and understands the positive force that it can become. Fear gives Ant his edge, allowing him to seek out life’s challenges, whether that is at home, pushing himself every day to be the best father he can be, or stuck in the death zone on top of the world in a 90mph blizzard.

In his groundbreaking new book, Ant Middleton thrillingly retells the story of his death-defying climb of Everest and reveals the concept of the ‘Fear Bubble’, showing how it can be used in our lives to help us break through our limits. Powerful, unflinching and an inspirational call to action, The Fear Bubble is essential listening for anyone who wants to push themselves further, harness their fears and conquer their own personal Everests.

Author: Ant Middleton
Narrator: Ant Middleton
Duration: 8 hours 2 minutes
Released: 19 Mar 2010
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Limited
Language: English

User Review:

civilization double

Just listened to an audiobook from one of his collegues in the tv show and that was abit of a tour de force performance wise.

How easy this one is: nice natural way of telling the story, very pleasant and real, like your sitting in a pub with your best mate. Big fat five stars for performance. Story itself four and half stars due to some rants somewhere in the latter chapters about him trying to get a point across in a tvshow and social media disagreeing with him, but nothing that would dissuade you to read / listen to this book. On contrary: Its a great story, the mixing with his everest trip is nice ( though he might have expanded on that abit more imho, fascinating stuff), and the story keeps flowing’. He explains the mind flow and techniques he learnt during his military career and in other moments of his life in a very relatable manner. He explains how he does it, up to you what you use yourself.

The techniques he describes in his own terms are a big no against self pity and ego, a big yes for not taking shit personally, and a growth mindset. Recommended!

– great stoorytelling, very nice reading, positive attitude , good story