Anthony Melchiorri – Eternal Frontier Series Box Set

The first three books in Anthony Melchiorris wildly popular Eternal Frontier series

Eternal Frontier

It was a time of peace, prosperity, and exploration. But when an unexpected attack cripples the SRES Argo, it appears that time has come to an end. Alone in the far reaches of space, Tag Brewer is the ships only survivor, and he vows to do everything in his power to seek justice for his fallen crew. But when Tag uncovers a sinister secret about those who attacked the Argo, he realizes far more is at stake than just his survival.

Edge of War

An insidious alien race is waging an interstellar war, enslaving any civilization they encounter to carry out their galactic rampage. Now they have set their sights on mankind. Tag Brewer is a medical scientist, not a ships captain, but as humanitys survival is at stake, he must lead a ragtag crew of humans, a skeptical alien, and a synthetic life form into the depths of enemy territory in hopes of forming an uneasy alliance with a group of aliens fleeing from the destruction.

Shattered Dawn

The Drone-masters are coming, and Earth has no idea. Medical scientist by training and ships captain by circumstance, Tag Brewer leads a band of aliens, a few humans, and a synthetic life-form into the deepest reaches of unexplored space. They may be all that stands between humanity and utter annihilation. Its up to Tags crew to unveil the shroud of secrecy surrounding the Drone-masters. He must destroy them before they destroy Earth.

Author: Anthony Melchiorri
Narrator: Bradford Hastings
Duration: 26 hours 21 minutes
Released: 19 Feb 2008
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Language: English

User Review:

observer preserving

A true fun scifi listen, with a gripping story and interesting characters spanning hours and hours of easily flowing dialogue.