Apollos Thorne – Sanctuary

After coming face to face with death, Elorion and company have found a dungeon to call their own. Theyve fought hard to earn a stint of peace, but Mistress Nava is still out there and her captain is now on the hunt. The impending arrival of the army of minotaurs will be the greatest threat they have faced thus far.

With their new-found freedom comes a myriad of additional dangers. Theyre running low on food, the dungeon is in disrepair, and they must find new hunting grounds to continue growing in power. As their chosen leader, Elorion is faced with an impossible task. Will he weaponize their dungeon, develop his partys strengths, or seek ancient power from the long-forgotten depths of the Underworld?

Author: Apollos Thorne
Narrator: Graham Halstead
Duration: 12 hours 43 minutes
Released: 19 Sep 2007
Publisher: Podium Publishing
Language: English

User Review:

telex sacred

I can’t really give more than 1-star given I had to stop listening within fifteen minutes.

It’s been a while since I read book 2, so I was surprised by how immediately unlikable the female love interest was (Eris. sp?). I vaguely remember her scolding him in the first few books for being a loner, but that shit starts strong immediately in this book.

I eventually gave up when the new shapeshifting protagonist turned into a dog and asked said scolding harpy if she wanted him to be her new pet. I think it was meant to be played as flirty? It came off as cringey and pathetic though.

I can’t read books where I don’t vibe with the protagonist. I also can’t stand it when a character is annoying and it’s never mentioned, just accepted.

If this sounds like it’d bother you too, give this a skip.