Arthur Conan Doyle – A Study in Scarlet

In 1886 Arthur Conan Doyle, whilst struggling to make a success of a failing medical practice in Portsmouth, set about writing a novel in order to boost his income. He began a story about a fiercely intelligent sleuth called Sheridan Hope. A year later A Study in Scarlet was published, and one of the most successful of literary characters began to take hold of the public’s affections.

Sherlock Holmes, as he was now called, and his inimitable methods of deduction are introduced in this, the first of the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
Narrator: Richard E. Grant
Duration: 4 hours 28 minutes
Released: 15 Feb 2011
Publisher: silksoundbooks Limited
Language: English

User Review:

helicopter idle

It’s really hard to know if I would have liked the book more (and given it 5 stars all around) had I not known the end (I’ve seen an old movie version and the latest one). It is not identical to the movie, but close enough. I think it moved a bit slow, but it is a good mystery. The performance is superb. There are a number of versions and I selected this one by listening to the sample of each. I was most pleased with my choice. Suchet did a great job of different voices and accents, including the female voices.