BBC Audiobooks Ltd – Doctor Who at the BBC: A Legend Reborn

An all-new volume of interviews and behind-the-scenes features from the worlds of Doctor Who, presented by Elisabeth Sladen.

In 2005, after 16 years off-air, Doctor Who returned to BBC Television – and soon became more popular than ever before. In this special anthology of clips and interviews, featuring newly released material, Elisabeth Sladen journeys back to the recent past to delve into the shows dazzling success.

With the help of extracts from radio programmes as diverse as Go 4 It, Jo Whiley, PM, Newsbeat and The Now Show, she explores the run-up to the launch of Series 1 and follows the programmes progress right up to 2009, with the the impending departure of David Tennant.

Featuring the voices of David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Christopher Eccleston, Kylie Minogue, Freema Agyeman, Russell T Davies, and many others, this is an absorbing retrospective look at how Doctor Who returned to our screens to capture the hearts of millions of fans.

Author: BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Narrator: Elisabeth Sladen
Duration: 1 hr and 35 minutes
Released: 10 Apr 2002
Publisher: BBC Worldwide Ltd
Language: English

User Review:

bound degenerative

This is a wonderful peek into Dr. Who, especially the guest appearances on British shows that we dont get here in the States. Bittersweet because we have since lost Elizabeth Sladen. It was wonderful to hear Chris Eccleston and even better David Tennant. A must for fans of the show.