Becky Powell, Katherine Reay – Awful Beautiful Life

A gripping story of grace, faith, and triumph for a woman whose world shattered hours after her husband’s suicide.

Becky Powell faced the unthinkable on May 16, 2013. Her husband, Mark, called and said, “I’ve done something terrible.” Within hours, she learned that he had taken his own life and, over a period of several years, millions of dollars from friends and colleagues. Everything she believed to be true, the very fiber of her marriage, was called into question. Within a week, rather than planning carpool runs and volunteer fundraisers, she owed almost 100 creditors millions of dollars and had her own team of 10 lawyers. She was also the subject of open FBI, SEC, and DOJ investigations – and faced potential criminal charges. And, although she instantly denounced every cent of Mark’s $15M in life insurance and promised to repay every penny taken, her lawyers knew that, in reality, she faced years of court battles and lawsuits, and possible jail time.

Yet from that first horrific moment, God was there. He showed up in his word, in Becky’s friends, in her lawyers, and in the generosity of those around her. He worked miracles. CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and others covered the first moment, but what about the last? What about the story in which God gives your next breath because you can’t find it on your own? What about the story of a mom and three kids trying to make sense of their pasts, present and future while living under a microscope?

Awful Beautiful Life is Becky’s journey through the two years surrounding Mark’s death and how she overcame. It came down to a loving God who surrounded her, a present and dedicated family, and friends who made her life, offered her sanctuary, and showed up for her and her kids in tangible ways. This is a story of remarkable grit, strength, and what the Body of Christ in action looks like.

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Author: Becky Powell, Katherine Reay
Narrator: Becky Powell, Stephanie Willis
Duration: 6 hours 19 minutes
Released: 19 Mar 2012
Publisher: Faith Words
Language: English

User Review:

beloved undamaged

From the first chapter, I felt like I was at lunch with a friend as she retells a terrible nightmare in her life. I couldn’t stop listening, wanting to cheer her on to see goodness again and to hear how she navigated such troubled waters. Her faith and community rallied around her in a way that shows faithful friendship and love in such a beautiful way.

I can’t help but end by praying for the Powell family and many of their close friends and family who experienced so much pain and will continue to in the unraveling of all these details. Thank you for sharing your story Becky, with such honesty and bravery.

The narrator’s reading was exciting and passionate. Very easy to listen to!