Belle Book – The Adventure of the Crimson Lady

When a mysterious female visitor leaves her hat with a message at the door of Mrs. Hudson, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson find themselves always one or more steps behind a thief who leaves intriguing messages and challenges the great detective, again and again, to apprehend her. Though the clues are there, they leave Holmes completely baffled.
Author: Belle Book
Narrator: David Ian Davies
Duration: 1 hr and 28 minutes
Released: 10 Jul 2006
Publisher: One Voice Recordings
Language: English

User Review:

forger elegant

A very flat, mediocre story. Okay in a silly way but not anything memorable or that I would listen to again. Certainly not something I’d recommend to anyone. Usually David Ian Davies is a good narrator, but some of the voices he used in this production were atrocious.