Ben Garrod – The Chimpanzee & Me

For over a decade, Ben Garrod has studied chimpanzees to find ways to protect and conserve them. We join Ben on a journey that has taken him around the world, studying eastern chimps in the humid forests of Uganda and the critically endangered western chimps of Liberia.

In his trademark infectious, lighthearted style, Ben describes encounters with chimpanzees that highlight the different threats they face. From the illegal international pet trade, to bushmeat markets, and the effects of relentless habitat loss – not to mention how your new furniture, your toothpaste and even your mobile phone are all implicated in their falling numbers. With access to world-renowned primatologist Dr Jane Goodall, Ben shows how we can protect the chimps of the future and help conserve this endlessly fascinating species.

Author: Ben Garrod
Narrator: Ben Garrod
Duration: 5 hours 33 minutes
Released: 19 Nov 2007
Publisher: Whole Story Audiobooks
Language: English

User Review:

napkin celebrated

This book me on an amazing and enlightening journey! Im grateful for everything the author has done for these exceptional beings. His sense of humor also made this a fun read! 🙂