Benjamin Schumacher, The Great Courses – Black Holes, Tides, and Curved Spacetime

It all started with Newtons apple. Or did it? Gravity controls everything from the falling of an apple to the rising of oceans tides to the motions of the heavens above. If youve ever wondered how this most puzzling force works across our entire universe, you will be delighted by this 24-part course that is accessible to any curious person, regardless of your science education. No other product on the market presents the subject of gravity in as much detail as this course, which will follow the past 400 years of research and experimentation in the field.

Your guide is Professor Schumacher, an award-winning educator, prominent theoretical physicist, and protg of John Archibald Wheeler, the distinguished gravity theorist who first coined the term black hole.

Explore the intriguing features of gravity, including: why a hammer does not fall faster than a feather (neglecting air resistance, of course!); how astronauts float in space when they are still within reach of Earths gravitational pull; and how gravity shapes the four-dimensional fabric of the universe.

Become immersed in the fascinating study of gravity, experiencing the scientific breakthroughs alongside the great minds of physics: Galileo, Newton, Cavendish, Einstein, Hubble, Hawking, and more.

Examine a recent discovery: that the expansion of our universe is accelerating due to an as-yet-unexplained cosmic antigravity known as dark energy.

Delve into the Holy Grail of contemporary physics: the search for a theory that encompasses both gravity, which extends its reach across the cosmos, and quantum mechanics, which governs events at the smallest possible scale.

In Black Holes, Tides, and Curved Spacetime, you will travel to the very edges of modern physics to explore several revolutionary theories and discover that physics is just as exciting today as it was when Newton sat by that fateful apple tree.

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Author: Benjamin Schumacher, The Great Courses
Narrator: Benjamin Schumacher
Duration: 12 hours 6 minutes
Released: 18 May 2012
Publisher: The Great Courses
Language: English

User Review:

tary merciful

this guy is a genius communicator. if you are interested in physics, highly recommend. I often find popular science books a little too simplistic, or feel like the authors have some disdain for the readers. but not this course. I wish there was more.