Bernadotte Perrin – translator, Plutarch – The Life of Alexander

The Life of Alexander is one of many notable Greek figure biographies written by Plutarch in his series Parallel Lives. Alexander is arguably one of the most notable Greek figures, immortalized in stories and legends that are commonly used in mythology classes today. With the lingering feeling of discontent after the Persian invasion and the political unrest that surrounded him, his life made for an interesting topic in Plutarchs works.

Parallel Lives is often lauded as one of the most reliable references to Alexanders life that is currently available.

Author: Bernadotte Perrin – translator, Plutarch
Narrator: Andrea Giordani
Duration: 3 hours 9 minutes
Released: 18 Aug 2010
Publisher: Audio Sommelier
Language: English

User Review:

overtime homemade

This was the worst edited audiobook Ive ever listen to. There were several places where the editor repeated what was already said with a new take.