Betty Hechtman – Inherit the Wool

In this new Yarn Retreat Mystery from nationally best-selling author Betty Hechtman, Casey Feldstein is determined to tie up loose ends to solve another murder….

After reconnecting with some old college friends on social media, part-time dessert chef and muffin-maker Casey Feldstein has gotten herself roped into hosting a knitting retreat for the group. Tangled up in worries over how they’ll judge her unconventional life and the rustic atmosphere at Vista Del Mar, she watches in dismay as the women arrive and their old personalities – and old grudges – come trickling to the surface. But Casey discovers these are the least of her problems when one of the women is found dead.

With everyone a suspect – including an old crush of Casey’s who’s mysteriously been invited to join the retreat – Casey knows she’ll have to start stitching together clues to uncover the culprit. And as long-held secrets start emerging, she begins to suspect that each of the women may have had a motive for murder. Casey wants to avoid needling her old friends with accusations, but she knows she’ll have to ask some pointed questions if she’s going to unravel the clues and catch a killer….

Author: Betty Hechtman
Narrator: Margaret Strom
Duration: 8 hours 22 minutes
Released: 19 Dec 2003
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English

User Review:

recapitulation malevolent

Chocolate gravy never heard of, as these Dixie girls getting ready for the annual Christmas party and the ingredients of the festive foods. Which they knew one was moonshine. They loved Elvis, and meeting together one morning at the cafe. when murder happens. Lily finds the bank manger is dead when she went to visit a friend. Lily and Dixie are targets or can they solve it first. Given ARC Audio which the narrator was good for my voluntary review and my honest opinion