Bo Eason – There’s No Plan B for Your A-Game

This program is read by the author.

Do you want to change the course of your life?

Do you want to be the best?

The best manager, the best athlete, the best artist, the best speaker, the best parent?

In Theres No Plan B for Your A-Game, former pro athlete, playwright, and acclaimed leadership coach Bo Eason shows you exactly what it takes to be the best. His proven tools and training have worked for Olympic medalists, military leaders, best-selling authors, professional athletes, and business executives and their teams.

Theres No Plan B for Your A-Game explains how to develop the character, integrity, and commitment it takes to become the best. Bo Eason focuses on a winning four-step process that helps you attain the skill, maintain the effort, and persist through challenges:

Declaration: What do you want to achieve?

Preparation: How can you make it happen?

Acceleration: Where will you find the stamina to reach your goal?

Domination: Why do you take others with you?

With inspiring, specific, real-word guidance, Theres No Plan B for Your A-Game teaches the best practices that lead to the best results, in every walk of life.

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Author: Bo Eason
Narrator: Bo Eason
Duration: 7 hours 30 minutes
Released: 19 Mar 2009
Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Language: English

User Review:

tankard jovial

Loved the beginning story of his dad yelling, did they measure the size of your heart goddamnit. Lots of great tips and concrete steps. The accompanying action book is a nice bonus!

Constructive criticism: As a school teacher and a mother I found the number of times he used his young son Axel as an example very disturbing. No child knows what they want for their future definitively when they are 9. Childrens brains are still developing and they have so very little life experience. No child should be made to practice sports for 4 hours a day from such a young age. Axel did not come up with this two sport dream and plan to fulfill it, his dad Bo did. Perhaps Axel verbalized the idea but where did he hear about 2 sport athletes? Yep, his dad. There will come a day of resentment on Axels part. Not to mention burnout. I had a similar experience trying to fulfill my moms dream for me in music as a child. And his poor daughter Eloise…. She is clearly living in her brothers shadow. I heard her mentioned a couple times almost in a strained way to not forget her while Axels name must be in that book more than 100 times. Bo, please allow your son to be a child and pave out his dreams on his OWN once he has more life experience! Those arent Axels dreams those a Bos dreams for his son.

Finally, I would have loved more examples from Bos performance days and speaking achievements. The multiple sports analogies are great at the beginning but become redundant quickly.