Bob Beaudine – The Power of Who

Do you know that key relationships have been specifically placed to help you in ways you never imagined? Do you realize there are special people who are not just happenstance acquaintances but strategic relationships to help you find the life of your dreams? Have you missed the simplicity behind this mysterious thing called DESTINY? Perhaps the real problem of finding your dream isn’t about who you don’t know, but whom you’ve neglected.

In The Power of Who! Bob Beaudine presents a revolutionary concept that will get you moving toward your dreams and goals in ways you never imagined. This audiobook challenges many widely held presumptions, including the importance of traditional networking. Instead he offers a different plan – a time-tested, unique approach. First Beaudine leads you to identify people within your group of friends and friends of friends who are the foundation for making connections. Then he takes you through what you want to accomplish in life and encourages you to dare to dream, to DREAM BIG!

Author: Bob Beaudine
Narrator: Bob Beaudine
Duration: 5 hours 3 minutes
Released: 10 Sep 2003
Publisher: Gildan Media, LLC
Language: English

User Review:

spelling tasty

I read this book as a follow-up to 2 Chairs because I liked Bob’s writing style, and this book did not disappoint. He shows people that networking works well, but only if you do it the right way. Passing out business cards at trade shows and other functions is not nearly as effective as tapping into a network of trusted friends who can tap into their network of trusted friends to open doors and marshal resources. The book was also a great reminder for me to invest more time into developing closer personal relationships with others. If you’re looking for a friend, they are hard to find. But, if you want to be a friend, opportunities are everywhere. Highly recommend.