Bobby Akart – Cyber Attack

America is one bad news story away from societal and economic collapse.

As one cyber-attack after another disrupts everyday life, powerful political forces and wealthy oligarchs plot the demise of the United States in Cyber Attack, Book Two in The Boston Brahmin series.

A prophetic and prescient novel by best-selling author Bobby Akart (Cyber Warfare, Seeds of Liberty and Evil, Meet Opportunity), The Boston Brahmin series continues as nine patriotic Americans whose lineage dates back to the Founding Fathers prepare for the coming collapse.

As the cyber-attacks intensify into a full blown cyber war between the most powerful nations on the planet, a conspiracy develops which provides cover for a President desperately seeking to extend his hold on power. Wealthy international financiers – The Boston Brahmins, exploit this weakness to their advantage in order to direct geopolitical events on the world stage.

Political suspense collides with post-apocalyptic thriller fiction as Cyber Attack reveals that all empires collapse eventually and that there have been no exceptions.

Author: Bobby Akart
Narrator: Joseph Morton
Duration: 8 hours 7 minutes
Released: 15 May 2011
Publisher: Bobby Akart Inc., a Tennessee Corporation
Language: English

User Review:

pediatrician unscathed

If you enjoy suspense, combined with geopolitical thrillers, and prepper fiction, buy this book! You won’t be disappointed. There’s action, great character development, history, and even romance in the latest installment of The Boston Brahmin Series!