Bodhipaksa – Still the Mind

The average person has 12,000 thoughts per day – most of them a recurring handful of unwelcome distractions. In Still the Mind, master meditation teacher Bodhipaksa offers an essential program for anyone looking to move beyond the chatter of a too-busy mind while laying the foundation for a daily meditation practice. These instructions and guided sitting sessions will help you discover the breath as an untapped source of mental clarity and inner peace as you transcend the hectic demands of everyday life and learn to settle into the deepest parts of yourself. Bodhipaksa’s gentle teaching style and straightforward delivery take the mystery out of meditation. His step-by-step instruction will help you to cultivate your own daily practice right in the middle of your busy life, as you explore:

The one-two-threes of sitting practice, from the best times to meditate to what you can expect in your first few days, weeks, and months

How to evolve a spontaneous and self-motivating practice that is both joyful and empowering

Using the breath as a natural gateway to your inherent wisdom and clarity

How to channel your newfound mindfulness into your relationships, career, and creative pursuits

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned meditator, Still the Mind gives you easy access to greater self-awareness and self-confidence, increased calm in any situation, and harmony within and without.

Author: Bodhipaksa
Narrator: Bodhipaksa
Duration: 2 hours 22 minutes
Released: 15 Jul 2010
Publisher: Sounds True
Language: English

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caftan lush

I liked it very much. you may or may not but I would say give it a good listen to