Brad Meltzer – The Book of Fate

The Book of Fate: Booktrack Edition adds an immersive musical soundtrack to your audiobook listening experience! *

Brad Meltzer’s number-one New York Times best seller featuring a 200-year-old code devised by Thomas Jefferson and a present-day conspiracy at the highest level of power.

“Six minutes from now, one of us would be dead. None of us knew it was coming.”

So says Wes Holloway, a young presidential aide, about the day he put Ron Boyle, the chief executive’s oldest friend, into the president’s limousine. By the trip’s end, a crazed assassin would permanently disfigure Wes and kill Boyle. Now, eight years later, Boyle has been spotted alive. Trying to figure out what really happened takes Wes back into disturbing secrets buried in Freemason history, a decade-old presidential crossword puzzle, and a 200-year-old code invented by Thomas Jefferson that conceals secrets worth dying for.

*Booktrack is an immersive format that pairs traditional audiobook narration to complementary music. The tempo and rhythm of the score are in perfect harmony with the action and characters throughout the audiobook. Gently playing in the background, the music never overpowers or distracts from the narration, so listeners can enjoy every minute. When you purchase this Booktrack edition, you receive the exact narration as the traditional audiobook available, with the addition of music throughout.

Author: Brad Meltzer
Narrator: Scott Brick
Duration: 18 hours 5 minutes
Released: 19 Oct 2012
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Language: English

User Review:

trembling conscious

I have never written a review for a book, but this was so bad I has to write something. I had heard of Brad Meltzer, but had never read any of his books. I’m guessing this was his first book and he had not honed his craft because the writing was not very good. In addition, it seems like he went out of his way to pick character names that were ridiculous. I know these names exist, but I have never met someone named Niko, Rogo, Lizbeth, Dradel, Lenore, or Micah. I thought the enhanced audio features would add dramatic effect to the story telling, but it is perhaps the worst part of this production. There were only a couple of times where sound effects were used to mimic the action in the story and it just didn’t work. The rest of the audio enhancement consisted of nothing more than random music that did not match the tone of the story being played at odd times. The music isn’t always playing and there seemed to be no rhyme or reason as to when the music was employed. It served as nothing more than a distraction that was completely irrelevant. I do not recommend this book and will not be reading any more Brad Meltzer books. Sorry for being so harsh, but I really did not like this book or the audio production.