Brad Taylor – Hunter Killer

Pike Logan tracks highly-trained Russian assassins to Brazil in this blistering, action-packed thriller from New York Times best-selling author and former Special Forces Officer Brad Taylor.

Pike Logan and the Taskforce were once the apex predators, an unrivaled hunting machine that decimated those out to harm the United States, but they may have met their match. While Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill prepare to join their team on a counter-terrorist mission in the triple frontier – the lawless tri-border region where Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay meet – they are targeted in Charleston, South Carolina. A vicious explosion kills a friend, and the perpetrators have set it up to look like an accident. While the authorities believe this was not foul play, Pike knows the attack was meant for him.

When he loses contact with the team in South America, Pike is convinced he and the Taskforce are under assault. His men are the closest thing to family that Pike has, which means he will do anything, even ignore direct orders to stand down, to find them. Pike and Jennifer head to Brazil to investigate their disappearance, and run headlong into a crew of Russian assassins. Within days, they are entangled in a byzantine scheme involving Brazilian politics and a cutthroat battle for control of offshore oil fields.

Forged in combat, the Russians are the equal of anything the Taskforce has encountered before, but they make a mistake in attacking Pikes team, because Pike has a couple of elite Israeli assassins of his own. And Pike will stop at nothing to protect his family.

Author: Brad Taylor
Narrator: Rich Orlow
Duration: 11 hours 28 minutes
Released: 20 Jul 2001
Publisher: HarperAudio
Language: English

User Review:

guerrilla structured

Brad Taylor has the ability to write what people honestly think and would actually say and do. He has developed characters that work so well together in his books. Each character brings so much in every storyline that I find myself hoping to see them in every book. They are a family in the books and become our extended families as we read.
One of my favorite lines in Hunter Killer is when the Sec State comes up to Pike after his Principles meeting and Pike thinks to himself, “You better step up your game because there is a Petrobras chick that will close the deal with Knuckles as soon as she can breathe without a tube.” I couldn’t stop laughing at that! Even though I’m an older woman, I grew up with 3 older brothers and have 2 adult sons, and know comments and thoughts like this are normal and not just from men but from us women as well! It is just so great to read writing like this! It makes me smile!
I am already looking forward to Brad’s next book!