Brandon Q. Morris – Proxima Rising

Late in the 21st century, Earth receives what looks like an urgent plea for help from planet Proxima Centauri b in the closest star system to the Sun.

Astrophysicists suspect a massive solar flare is about to destroy this heretofore-unknown civilization. Earth’s space programs are unequipped to help, but an unscrupulous Russian billionaire launches a secret and highly-specialized spaceship to Proxima b, over four light-years away.

The unusual crew faces a Herculean task – should they survive the journey. No one knows what to expect from this alien planet.

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Author: Brandon Q. Morris
Narrator: Edoardo Ballerini
Duration: 8 hours 58 minutes
Released: 20 Apr 2002
Publisher: Podium Publishing
Language: English

User Review:

toilet gratuitous

Real science fiction. Although it streches science, it was believable. I looked the story and the characters.