Brian K. Johnson, Marsha Hunter – The Articulate Advocate

An advocate may know what to say but is only effective when he or she knows how to be persuasive. Combining facts with know-how to persuade judges, juries, and arbitrators, the book teaches immediately useful techniques such as how to channel the initial adrenaline buzz, grab and hold the fact finders attention, gesture while speaking, speak in phrases, and polish the persuasive style. Based on 30 years of experience from coaching practitioners, this guide integrates cutting-edge discoveries in human factors, gesture studies, linguistics, neuroscience, and sports psychology to give litigators a competitive edge.
Author: Brian K. Johnson, Marsha Hunter
Narrator: Susan Ericksen
Duration: 7 hours 45 minutes
Released: 20 Jul 2001
Publisher: Crown King Books
Language: English

User Review:

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