Bruce Williams, Neil DeCarlo – Six Sigma for Dummies

The only user-friendly beginners guide to Six Sigma

Six Sigma is the most common – and perhaps least understood – methodology for streamlining processes in manufacturing, service delivery, management, and almost any other business activity. For business leaders seeking increased efficiency and customer service, Six Sigma is the key.

Written specifically for Six Sigma beginners – whether theyre small business owners who want to implement Six Sigma or professionals and students who need to get up to speed fast – Six Sigma for Dummies is the most straightforward, non-intimidating guide on the market. Hundreds of thousands of professionals work in Six Sigma companies such as GE, Sony, Toshiba, Microsoft, and Nokia but have a hard time fully understanding the methodology. This simple, friendly guide makes Six Sigma make sense.

Intended to help listeners implement Six Sigma in their small and medium-size businesses to improve quality and reduce costs, this no-nonsense guide explains:

What Six Sigma is

What Six Sigmas goals and objectives are

The benefits of Six Sigma in both large and small businesses

How the belt system works

The DMAIC approach

How to implement Six Sigma

How to use Six Sigma tools

How Six Sigmas approach aims for zero defects

Author: Bruce Williams, Neil DeCarlo
Narrator: Brett Barry
Duration: 3 hours 48 minutes
Released: 19 Jan 2005
Publisher: HarperAudio
Language: English

User Review:

tassel self-fulfilling

This is old material piecemealed together with a futuristic name slapped on the front. It’s not a bad book; there is just nothing new. Also, it takes on a “New Age” vibe at times which is a large turn off for me.