C. J. Skuse – The Alibi Girl

Joanne Haynes has a secret: that is not her real name.

And theres more. Her flats not hers. Her cats aren’t hers. Even her hair isnt really hers.

Nor is she any of the other women she pretends to be. Not the best-selling romance novelist who gets her morning snack from the doughnut van on the seafront. Nor the pregnant woman in the dental surgery. Nor the chemo patient in the supermarket for whom the cashier feels ever so sorry. They’re all just alibis.

In fact, the only thing thats real about Joanne is that nobody can know who she really is.

But someone has got too close. It looks like her alibis have begun to run out….

Author: C. J. Skuse
Narrator: Emmy Rose, Helen Keeley
Duration: 8 hours 13 minutes
Released: 20 Jun 2002
Publisher: HQ
Language: English

User Review:

capon populist

This is not a thriller and barely a mystery. The main character is not very likable. I kept waiting for some suspense to kick in but nothing.

Overall it was very amateurish. Only listen if you like dramas, boring dramas.