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CatoAudio puts you right in the middle of the important policy debates going on in Washington. This 60-minute audio magazine features inspiring discussions from well-known intellectuals, pundits, political leaders and Cato scholars. Previous recordings have included Milton Friedman, Hernando de Soto, Anne Applebaum, Alan Greenspan, P. J. O’Rourke, Steve Forbes, and Richard Epstein. From a libertarian view of limited government, free markets, and civil society, CatoAudio is your window to the ideas of freedom.

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Author: Caleb Brown
Narrator: Caleb Brown
Duration: 1 hr and 14 minutes
Released: 4 Jan 2007
Publisher: The Cato Institute
Language: English

User Review:

shooter estranged

The Cato Institute is one of the most influential Washington “think tanks” and the most important one with a libertarian bent. (This means, on one foot, that there are very few areas where government participation improves matters. It is NOT the same as political conservatism.)

If the July 2004 issue is representative, the monthly audio magazine presents a half-dozen interviews, speech excerpts, and short “lessons” on topics of contemporary political interest. Of course the quality varies with the presenters; some are a bit dull, but most are good enough speakers to hold your interest if the libertarian point-of-view is at all interesting. Unlike many political journals that are fairly far from the center, some contributors even demonstrate a good sense of humor.

If hearing the idea that the government is the source of most contemporary problems makes you uncomfortable, don’t bother with a subscription. But if understanding how people can improve their lot without relying on governments to help them intrigues you, then give it a try.