Cara Natterson – Decoding Boys

When boys enter puberty, they tend to get quiet – or at least quieter than before – and parents often misread their signals. Heres how to navigate their retreat and steer them through this confusing passage, by the best-selling author of The Care and Keeping of You series and Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys.

Absolutely essential reading for anyone with a boy in their life! (Peggy Orenstein, author ofBoy & Sex)

What is my son doing behind his constantly closed door? Whats with his curt responses, impulsiveness, newfound obsession with gaming, and…that funky smell? As pediatrician and mother of two teenagers Cara Natterson explains, puberty starts in boys long before any visible signs appear, and that causes confusion about their changing temperaments for boys and parents alike. Often, they also grow quieter as they grow taller, which leads to less parent-child communication. But, as Natterson warns in Decoding Boys, we respect their increasing “need” for privacy, monosyllabic conversations, and alone time at their peril. Explaining how modern culture mixes badly with male adolescent biology, Natterson offers science, strategies, scripts, and tips for getting it right:

Recognizing the first signs of puberty and talking to our sons about the wide range of “normal” through the whole developmental process

Why teenagers make irrational decisions even though they look mature – and how to steer them toward better choices

Managing video game and screen time, including discussing the unrealistic and dangerous nature of pornography

Why boys need emotional and physical contact with parents – and how to give it in ways theyll accept

How to prepare boys to resist both old and new social pressures – drugs, alcohol, vaping, and sexting

Teaching consent and sensitivity in the #MeToo culture

Decoding Boys is a powerful and validating lifeline, an audiobook that will help todays parents keep their sons safe, healthy, and resilient, as well as ensure they will become emotionally secure young men.

Advance praise for Decoding Boys

“Comforting…a common-sensical and gently humorous exploration of male puberty’s many trials.” (Kirkus Reviews)

Author: Cara Natterson
Narrator: Cara Natterson
Duration: 8 hours 42 minutes
Released: 20 Nov 2002
Publisher: Random House Audio
Language: English

User Review:

informality economical

I’ve been waiting for this! i devoured Lisa Damour’s books on raising girls and navigating the transition to adulthood. There was nothing good for boys. Finally, now a book for parents of boys. Helping boys enter parenting through adolescence. Not just puberty, but the emotional and social changes too. Dr. Natterson also includes medical and child development advice. I’m here for it all!