Cara Nite – Natural Antibiotics & Antiviral Remedies

When antibiotics like penicillin were first discovered, they were thought to be something of a wonder drug. For years, bacterial infections caused by staphylococci and streptococci were a thing of a past, but eventually overuse and misuse of prescription antibiotics led to antibiotic resistance. Now, strains of “super bacteria” are resistant to prescription antibiotics – how can you combat that? With natural antibiotic and antiviral herbs. In this audiobook, you will receive the following:

An introduction to antibiotic resistance

An explanation of the benefits of natural antibiotic and antiviral remedies

An overview of the top 10 antibiotic and antiviral herbs

A collection of natural antibiotic and antiviral remedies for common illnesses

By the time you finish this book, you will be ready to throw out your prescription antibiotics and never use them again. With a collection of natural antibiotic remedies, you won’t have to!

Author: Cara Nite
Narrator: Anna Castiglioni
Duration: 51 minutes
Released: 15 Aug 2010
Publisher: Cara Nite, Anna Castiglioni
Language: English

User Review:

storyteller projected

The best solution is prevention of TBI. The author and reader join in an agonizing yet enlightening learning encounter to understand the event that takes more young lives than any other cause.