Carl Van Doren – Benjamin Franklin

From his beginnings as a journalist at age 16, to his retirement from public affairs at 82, there was no break in Benjamin Franklin’s activity and accomplishments. A writer, inventor, and statesman, he remains unsurpassed in the range of his natural gifts and the important uses to which he put them.

In this Pulitzer Prize-winning biography, Carl Van Doren incorporates materials from Franklin’s letters, manuscripts, journals, and published works to give the most accurate and comprehensive portrait ever written of this great American.

Author: Carl Van Doren
Narrator: Patrick Cullen
Duration: 32 hours 45 minutes
Released: 9 Jan 2005
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Language: English

User Review:

turnaround lax

The voice is so boring that I can’t make myself pay attention. The same boring voice for quotes, characters, setting, it’s enough to make me scream. First time I have ever disliked an audiobook from Audible.