Carol A. Berry, Sue Mosteller CSJ – foreword by – Learning from Henri Nouwen and Vincent van Gogh

Carol Berry and her husband met and befriended Henri Nouwen when she sat in his course on compassion at Yale Divinity School in the 1970s. At the request of Henri Nouwen’s literary estate, she has written this book, which includes unpublished material recorded from Nouwen’s lectures. As an art educator, Berry is uniquely situated to develop Nouwen’s work on Vincent van Gogh and to add her own research. She fills in background on the much misunderstood spiritual context of van Gogh’s work, and reinterprets van Gogh’s art in light of Nouwen’s lectures. Berry also brings in her own experience in ministry, sharing how Nouwen and van Gogh, each in his own way, led her to the richness and beauty of the compassionate life.
Author: Carol A. Berry, Sue Mosteller CSJ – foreword by
Narrator: Ann Richardson
Duration: 4 hours 11 minutes
Released: 19 Jul 2005
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English

User Review:

storyteller backward

This is read like the stereotypical guy talking to a foreigner who doesn’t speak the language. It’s very difficult to listen to with the narrator WAAAAY over-enunciating each word. Other than that the content is good