Caroline W. Casey – Visionary Activist Astrology

When ancient people first sought to explain the mysteries of their own lives, they looked to the heavens. There, they saw a perfect reflection linking them directly with an omniscient universe. The study of the stars and the study of the psyche comprised a single science – astrology – that led C. G. Jung to describe astrology as “the first form of psychology”. Visionary Activist Astrology escorts you through the mists of time to our own century, when science has verified what ancient people knew instinctively: All life and all matter is universally connected.

With wit and scholarship, author Caroline W. Casey offers a new vision of astrology and its language, using a rich, detailed system of symbols and mythic archetypes to describe the key relationships underpinning all of creation. Join this respected authority and see how the heavens overhead offer a valid psychological system for understanding the larger forces that shape our universe – and your unique destiny. More than nine hours of detailed personal instruction cover:

What astrology tells us about planetary connections

Symbols and structures of the psyche

How to use your celestial chart as an inner navigational tool

Meditations and exercises for connecting with the energy of the universe

Visionary Activist Astrology is a guided tour of the unlimited potentials outside your window – and within your own spirit.

Author: Caroline W. Casey
Narrator: Caroline W. Casey
Duration: 8 hours 56 minutes
Released: 15 Mar 2011
Publisher: Sounds True
Language: English

User Review:

recession drunken

I realised how much depth the mythological stories , regarding each season and planet, vibrates within our divine souls, Wow!!!!
An incredible author…Her whimsical, yet potent style reeled and held me captive…. in her journey shedding light with form…as we traveled with each planet’s radiant story. I understood more of the “As above , So below” concept. Or” as it is in heaven” phrase in our tradition prayers….
I will refer to this book again especially during the sacred Soltices…Thank You…..!!!!