Robert Brown – Bonfire Bodies

Between 1978 and 1983, Dennis Nilsen murdered and mutilated at least 12 young men in London. Many of these young men went under the radar socially, which enabled Nilsen’s shocking killing spree to go undetected for years. This true crime audiobook lifts the lid on his sinister story.

Chris Atkins – A Bit of a Stretch

Where can a tin of tuna buy you clean clothes? Which British education system struggles with 50% illiteracy? Where do teetotal Muslims attend AA meetings? Where is it easier to get ‘spice’ than paracetamol? Where does self-harm barely raise an eyebrow?

Steven Fowler, Cola Fugelere – Spy Games

Spy Games documents “Cola” Fugelere’s prolific professional career in the corporate espionage arena. Greed, sex, power, money, danger, and risk permeate Cola’s world. Until now, few outside “The Game” have had the ability to understand the money, motivations, operational needs, and the activities of the professional corporate spy. Many have no idea this corporate underworld …

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